14 05 2008

Let this be known… as much as I hate to admit so, I pay as little attention to the current presidential race as possible.  It’s not that I’m totally apathetic, because I’m not, but how many democratic debates do we need?

However, I have to give props to Chris Matthews last night for speaking probably the truest words ever.

Hillary Clinton.  Blue-collar white people like her, old white people like her, most of Mizzou’s students don’t like her.  It’s clear to Chris Matthews:  “It’s almost like she’s the Al Sharpton of white people.”

I could not agree more!

And despite the fact that ol’ John McCain finally wised up today and realized that global warming is real (you go girl!)… I cannot stand aside any longer and pretend to ignore the fact that that guy is way old.  Reaaaaally old.  Older than:  Alaska.  Barack Obama’s parents.  Plutonium.  Chocolate chip cookies.  And a lot of other stuff.  Check out the full list here, at Things Younger Than John McCain.

By the way… to all the Barack Obama nuts and the Clinton nuts, and the McCain nuts (do those last two really exist?) I have this to say:  Fuck y’all, I’m voting Ron Paul.