14 05 2008

Let this be known… as much as I hate to admit so, I pay as little attention to the current presidential race as possible.  It’s not that I’m totally apathetic, because I’m not, but how many democratic debates do we need?

However, I have to give props to Chris Matthews last night for speaking probably the truest words ever.

Hillary Clinton.  Blue-collar white people like her, old white people like her, most of Mizzou’s students don’t like her.  It’s clear to Chris Matthews:  “It’s almost like she’s the Al Sharpton of white people.”

I could not agree more!

And despite the fact that ol’ John McCain finally wised up today and realized that global warming is real (you go girl!)… I cannot stand aside any longer and pretend to ignore the fact that that guy is way old.  Reaaaaally old.  Older than:  Alaska.  Barack Obama’s parents.  Plutonium.  Chocolate chip cookies.  And a lot of other stuff.  Check out the full list here, at Things Younger Than John McCain.

By the way… to all the Barack Obama nuts and the Clinton nuts, and the McCain nuts (do those last two really exist?) I have this to say:  Fuck y’all, I’m voting Ron Paul.


The Narrator, Via Audio, and White Rabbits at Mojo’s (September 11, 2007)

16 09 2007

“Knock Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“September 11th”
“September 11th who?”
“I thought you said you’d never forget.”

After a weird day spent hoarding craft supplies and trying to find a place to get my car washed, basically just completely ignoring the news in spite of my journalism major, I worked up the courage to venture out into the night and go see White Rabbits perform at the local down and dirty venue, Mojo’s.

If I can’t ignore media all day and then go see an indie rock concert on September 11th, then the terrorists have won. It’s just the American way.

My musical counterpart Danny and I met up with some kids he knows through The Maneater, and then hung out outside after paying our super cool $2 minor surcharge… damn you, Missouri! Being the youngest people at a concert is soooo not the best.

We talked outside while The Narrator played… we could hear them well enough even though we were outside, and it’s not as if any of us felt compelled to go in to hear more. I can’t pin down exactly what it was that was so unsettling about the lead singer’s voice, but it sounded like a mix between Voxtrot’s Ramesh Srivastada and Brent Katz of The Harlem Shakes… only in the worst way possible. Ultimately, the need to be warm outweighed our dislike of the opening acts, and we went inside as some local hardcore band was setting up. The townies seemed to like them well enough, but I was not diggin on them.

Eventually, they ended their set, but not as soon as I would have liked. Then it was time for Via Audio to take the stage. Outside on the deck, we had been ragging on Via Audio for basically having one of the stupidest band names since Hoobastank, but by the end of the night I was eating my words. They were so impressive and so much fun, it is no wonder that everyone from Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie to Jim Eno of Spoon is jumping on the Via Audio bandwagon. They, like their tour-mates White Rabbits, are out of New York and are making quite a name for themselves. Comprised of primary vocalist/guitarist Jessica Martins, guitarist Tom Deis, drummer Danny Molat, and bassist David Lizmi, they have a whole lot of diversity in their song styles and are all about swapping instruments. Pretty much, they are the cutest… well, except for maybe Final Fantasy, but more on him later.

Jessica Martins of Via Audio.

Finally though it was time for White Rabbits to take the stage, precipitated by the introduction of a piano, two drum kits, a third stand-alone mini-kit, two guitars, and a bass to the tiny Mojo’s stage.

Greg Roberts of White Rabbits.

White Rabbits, if you don’t already know, is a band that was started way back when, right here in lowly little Columbia, Missouri when vocalist/guitarist Greg Roberts and vocalist/pianist Stephen Patterson were students at Mizzou. After graduation, the two moved to New York and soon expanded the band to include guitarist Alex Even (from Jeff City, Missouri), bassist Adam Russell, drummer Matt Clark, and drummer number two Jamie Levinson. The six-piece has rightfully received great reviews for their first album out on Say Hey Records, titled Fort Nightly, and has even had an appearance on Letterman earlier on in the summer, where they played “The Plot” – an infectious stomp that is probably the strongest cut from the album.

Most of their set was pulled from Fort Nightly, but they are already debuting some of their new material, including a new song called “Sea of Rum.”

Set List:
“Kid on My Shoulders”
“Tourist Trap”
“Sea of Rum” (new)
“Take a Walk Around the Table”
“Navy Wives”
“Dinner Party”
“March of the Camels”
“The Plot”
Encore – “I Used to Complain Now I Don’t” and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm”

Next up for White Rabbits is a tour supporting Kaiser Chiefs… keep up the good work, boys!

Sea of Rum (Live Daytrotter Session)” – White Rabbits
The Plot” – White Rabbits
Modern Day Saint” – Via Audio


19 08 2007


The Tiger Walk, one of Mizzou’s biggest traditions, went down today, with over 4,000 freshmen participating… We walked through the historic columns on Francis Quadrangle towards Jesse Hall, symbolically passing from the community into the brave new world of academia.

It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Good luck to everyone who is starting college soon!

blah, blah, blah… weeeeds.. blah, blah.

12 08 2007

The trip is finally over, and I got moved into my lovely lovely dorm with my equally lovely roommate in lovely COMO, which I just love, all while looking lovely for the Panhellenic folks. It was a fun trip up with a lot of (maybe too much) candid talk with my lovely father, but I really am glad to be out of the car.

Total hours driving: 14
Total number of random chimneys free-standing in fields: 3
Total number of butterflies almost hit: 8
Total number of butterflies hit: 1 (I’m probably going to Hell for hitting it…)
Total number of batshit-crazy backwoods-Oklahoma folks I was almost had a wreck with: 2
Total number of times my aunt responded to me by sarcastically saying “Okay, Al Gore,” because I think recycling is a good thing: 4

So I mean, yeah.. good times folks good times.

Even better is that anyone can go online to the Weeds website and sign up to be a Showtime VIP Insider, and by doing that you can watch the first episode of Weeds season 3 for FREE! Oh, and what a good episode it is… a whole lot of goodness packed into a short 30 minutes (anyone know why it’s not an hour?)

Watch the show. Really, it might be the best thing on TV seeing as Grey’s sucked incredibly last season…

Anyway, mixtape coming soon… as soon as I get free time to build it basically.