blah, blah, blah… weeeeds.. blah, blah.

12 08 2007

The trip is finally over, and I got moved into my lovely lovely dorm with my equally lovely roommate in lovely COMO, which I just love, all while looking lovely for the Panhellenic folks. It was a fun trip up with a lot of (maybe too much) candid talk with my lovely father, but I really am glad to be out of the car.

Total hours driving: 14
Total number of random chimneys free-standing in fields: 3
Total number of butterflies almost hit: 8
Total number of butterflies hit: 1 (I’m probably going to Hell for hitting it…)
Total number of batshit-crazy backwoods-Oklahoma folks I was almost had a wreck with: 2
Total number of times my aunt responded to me by sarcastically saying “Okay, Al Gore,” because I think recycling is a good thing: 4

So I mean, yeah.. good times folks good times.

Even better is that anyone can go online to the Weeds website and sign up to be a Showtime VIP Insider, and by doing that you can watch the first episode of Weeds season 3 for FREE! Oh, and what a good episode it is… a whole lot of goodness packed into a short 30 minutes (anyone know why it’s not an hour?)

Watch the show. Really, it might be the best thing on TV seeing as Grey’s sucked incredibly last season…

Anyway, mixtape coming soon… as soon as I get free time to build it basically.




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